The screens and meshes manufactured by our company are used for:
  • sifting, filtering, sorting, segregation,
  • water separation, cleaning, sludge separation, drying,
  • protection against insects and rodents,
  • manufacturing reinforced glass,
  • manufacturing panel boards, etc.
Are used in the following industries:
  • automobile, aircraft, machine, foundry,
  • shipbuilding, dye, pharmaceutical, rubber,
  • cellulose-papermaking, glass, ceramic,
  • construction, petroleum, mining, chemical,
  • steelmaking, timber, milk, grain-milling,
  • bakery, pakstics processing and other
P.P.H. SITODRUT manufacture:
  • general purpose screens and meshes with squarte mesh,
  • of wire diameter from 0.025 mm to 2.50 mm,
  • with mesh from 0.025 mm to 40000 per cm2,
  • with mesh size from 22,5 mm 0,16 oczka/cm2,
  • eyeless filtering screens with single and multiple weave,
  • welded square mesh fabric,
  • and other to order.
The screens are manufactured with width from 500 to 5000 mm depending on wire diameter and mesh

We supply the screens and meshes:
  • in rolls
  • in coils
  • in tubes
  • in sheets
The screens and meshes of:
  • polyester and of chrome nickel steel of OH18N9 grade may be used in contact with foods,
  • chrome nickel steel of OH18N9 grade may be used in the pharmaceutical industry.
We also offer:
  • single and multi-dent folded mesh,
  • mesh for forest and motorway fencing,
  • expanded metal screens,
  • perforated plates,
  • fencing wire mesh,
  • decorating screens of rope and rods (architectural),
  • guy wires,
  • barbed wire,
  • concrete reinforcement needles,
  • technical shot,
  • acid resistant wires and wires of non-ferrous metals,
Products catalog:

We manufacture general purpose screens and meshes of materials:
  • chrome nickel 0H18N9, 1H18N9T,
  • heat resistant H25N20S2,
  • galvanized,
  • steel,
  • tin bronze CuSn 6, 8,
  • brass CuZn 20,
  • copper MIE Cu 99,9,
  • plastics - polyester,
  • nickel,
  • Single mesh eyeless filtering screens ,
  • Papermaking screens,
  • Woven mixed screens for soldering of sintered carbides ,
  • Welded wire mesh.

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